Beawest is a full-service distributor of high-quality fasteners

Working hard to make your job easier

At Beawest, we deliver more than just fasteners –  we work with you through the whole supply process.  Whether it’s technical support, hardware sourcing, or a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, you don’t have to shop around.  From Kitting and Packaging to Stock and Release, our programs make it easy for you to find review all your solutions in one place.

Technical Support

When it comes to fasteners, Beawest has the experience to help you with just about anything. We have a dedicated staff of specialists to solve the problems you encounter. Sales and technical staff are readily available to assist you in finding the right products and the right answers.


Beawest Fastener’s Cut-off facility in Kent, Washington, can serve your company with small-batch production, and short lead-time production.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)  

We know you need to count on a reliable supply chain process from start to finish, and that’s why we have VMI programs.  We offer a variety of solutions that make it easy for you to order, receive and stock nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.


Kitting & Packaging 

When you need individual but related fastener items together as one unit, call on Beawest.  We provide pre-packaged, labeled, and bar-coded kits to simplify your inventory and production process needs.


Stock & Release 

Beawest will put your fastener inventory worries to rest.  We will stock material and release it to you as required, to help you maximize inventory turnover.