Stock & Release

Keeping production lines running is a challenge. Shutdowns can occur due to parts availability, on-site inventory or defective components, which lessens productivity and profitability.

Beawest’s experience with supply chain solutions enables us to improve the flow of materials into your production facility.  We help you optimize stocking levels, avoid delays and free staff from spending valuable resources managing a multitude of parts.

Our turnkey approach to Stock & Release programs includes many benefits:

  •   Improved material flow coordination for production runs
  •   Reduced on-site inventory, with just-in-time delivery  for production demands
  •   Minimized exposure to stock-out
  •   Lower labor and administrative costs
  •   Better pricing through volume procurement
  •   Stocking of material and release to  you as required to help you maximize inventory turns
  •   A selection of management reports by stocking location

Lessen your inventory management challenges by teaming with Beawest.  Our Stock &  Release program will allow you to shift the responsibility of your current supply chain processes to us, so you can focus on higher-value tasks.